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Repeaters / Radio Nets

 Repeater Callsign: W3OC
147.120 MHz (PL Tone 131.8 hz) -- 442.250 MHz

The Two RIvers ARC operates several voice repeaters from a central location in the south eastern suburbs of Pittsburgh PA, near the boundaries of Allegheny and
   Westmoreland Counties.

                                                                                                     * TRARC RADIO NETS *

The TRARC also operates a weekly radio net on Monday evenings starting at 8pm on the 146.73 MHz WA3PBD repeater. It features news of TRARC activities, local area amateur radio news and a transmission of the AR NEWSLINE recordings. All are welcome to check in and join the fun.

The TRARC operates a weekly Wednesday Night GABNET starting at 8pm on the linked 147.12 and 442.250 MHz repeaters.

 New is a weekly TRARC Ten Meter Net, starting at 8pm on 28.450 MHz (USB).

                                                                                       Recent Repeater Maintenance Photos -- February 21, 2020
                                                                                               Jim N3JHB, Jim AB3JT, Bill N3LQC, Chuck W3ON