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TRARC Radio Nets

Mondays: 8 pm EST or 8pm EDT
The Two Rivers ARC sponsors a weekly information Net, Monday evenings at 8:00 pm local time on the 146.73 MHz/223.95 MHz WA3PBD repeater. This net provides information on both past and future TRARC activities, as well as information on local amateur radio activities. It also includes a transmission of the weekly AR Newsline, a nationally produced amateur radio news service. 
All radio amateurs are welcome to check in to the net, or tune in and listen. 
Wednesdays: 7 pm EST (Winter) -- 8 pm EDT (Summer)
An informal gathering on the air called the "Gab Net" meets on the club's W3OC 147.12 Mhz Repeater located in the south-eastern part of Allegheny County.  All are welcome to grab a cup of coffee and join in the conversation.  If the frequency is quiet,  identify your station and stir up the crew.  Time varies. The GABNET meets one hour later (when the time changes to Daylight Savings TIme)  at 8pm. Winter time (after time resets to Daylight Standard Time this net starts at 7pm. Members and non-members are encouraged to join in..

Something new. The TRARC has been experimenting with the activation of a UHF version of the TRARC GABNET. It is normally hosted by Doug W3DUG. It operates on Wednesdays at 730pm on the 442.250 MHz repeater prior to the start of the 8pm GABNET.