March 29,2020

Please Note This Is A Change In Venue
The McKeesport Palisades and Event Center
100 Fifth Avenue
McKeesport, Pa 15132


Welcome to the Two Rivers Amateur Radio Club Hamfest Web Page. Our 2019 hamfest is now complete. Thank you to all who attended
this years hamfest. A special thank you to our Hamfest Chairman Del Peterson W3DTP, his staff, our TRARC Board of Directors, and our club members who worked so hard to make this years hamfest so special. A very special thank you to our many sponsors, and exhibitors who helped
support our hamfest. Below is a list of the prize winners.

Plans are already underway for the TRARC 2020 Hamfest & Computer Show. It will be at a new location The "McKeesport Palisades and Events Center", located at 100 Fifth Avenue, McKeesport Pa. You can view its description at:https://www.themckeesportpalisades.com/
Please mark your calendars to include our hamfest for 2020. Please view our pre-hamfest flyer here on this web site.
We hope that you can make it to next year's hamfest.

                                                                    Two Rivers ARC 2019 Hamfest
                                                  Prize Winners
1st Icom IC7610 HF/6m Transceiver- Nick Cseselko AB3NM
2nd WinGen 3600v Generator          - Bob Bastone WC3O
3rd MR300 Antenna Analyzer           - Jim Briggs KB3BUW
4th Butler's Golf Course Outing        - Jim Tapocik AB3JT
5th DX Engineering Gift Certificate   - Tom Nagy W3TLN
6th ARRL Gift Certificate                  - Matt Grazulis KC3FCS
7th Beer-N-At Gift Certificate            - Jim Fowler KB3PSM
8th ARRL Gift Certificate                  - Larry Gaebel WA3TLT

50/50: Matt Grazulis KC3FCS
Door Prize Winners: Barry Gehringer N2DXI, Ralph Bliss KB3LBB,
Jack Buzon KA3HPM, Jan Petrak N3BAD, Bob Guthrie KB3ST,
Jim Lear, Dan Mishler WB3FBI, Randy Green

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