Board of Directors


September 2020 to September 2021


President James Tapocik AB3JT

Vice President Robert Guthrie KB3ST

Treasurer Michael Kowalcheck KV3L

Activities Director Stephen Forsthofer W3SHF

Hamfest Chairman William Powers N3GHT

Secretary Charles Gessner W3ON

Trustee James Bricker N3JHB (3 Year)

Trustee Del Peterson W3DTP (2 Year)

Trustee Steven Illig KB3UWC (1 Year)


Repeater Committee Chair

James Bricker N3JHB *
Jim Tapocik AB3JT *
Charles Gessner W3ON *

*Repeater Control Operator

VE Exam Coordinator Michael Kowalcheck KV3L

W3OC License Trustee Lynn Hazelhoff K3MMO

Christmas Party Chair

Webmaster Charles Gessner W3ON

Newsletter Editor

Family Picnic Chair

If you wish to chair or serve on any of these committees, please contact club president Jim Tapocik AB3JT.