Repeaters / Radio Nets


147.120 MHz (PL Tone 131.8 hz) -- 442.250 MHz

The Two RIvers ARC operates several voice repeaters from a central location in the south eastern suburbs of Pittsburgh PA, near the boundaries of Allegheny and Westmoreland Counties.


The TRARC also operates several weekly radio nets following the below schedule. All are welcome to check in and join the fun. The first is a more formal net which is conducted in a structured format. The second and third are more informal which uses a less formal structure.

Mondays -- 8 p.m.. TRARC 2 Meter Net held on the 146.73 MHz WA3PBD Repeater - of the Gateway FM Association. This net includes news of TRARC Activities, and announcements of amateur radio related activities in the Pittsburgh area.It also includes the transmission of the weekly Amateur Rradio 'ARNewline' news service.

-- 830 p.m. The TRARC GABNET' is mostly an informal net where general chit chat discussion are held. Please join us on: Linked 147.12 and 442.250 MHz W3OC Repeaters.

Thursdays -- 8 p.m. The TRARC 10 Meter Net on 28.450 MHz USB. This net is currently suspended.