Field Day Check List

The following is a 'Field Day Check List', that you can use to prepare for Field Day. Please note that it is a reprint from the TRARC Spark Gap Newsletter June 2012, volume 6 2012. You can find newsletter or others in the Spark Gap Archive found in the Members Only section of this web site. Please note that

you may reprint this, but please provide credit to the 'Two Rivers Amateur Radio Club, Inc', and our web site "".

Shelter/Operating Position Radio Equipment

___Tent (screen or regular) ___Transmitter/Receiver with instruction manuals

___ Table (no pointed legs) ___Radio/Computer interface cable

___ Lawn Chairs (no pointed legs) ___Microphone/key/keyer

___ Cardboard or rug to put under table and at door ___ Headphones (2-operator & logger) with Y adapter

___ Watch or Clock for logging ___ Short Coax Jumper

___ Small Fan ___ SWR/Power Meter

___ Clipboard for logs and dupe sheets ___ Extra Fuses

___ Pens,pencils and scratch paper (lots of paper) ___ Antenna

___ Light for nigh time, with yellow bug light bulb ___ Antenna Support/nylon rope

___ Sun Tarp ___ Antenna Tuner

___ Extra Stakes ___ Ground Road, clamp and ground wire

___ Band Pass Filter

___ Multi mode controller

___ Soundcard interface

___ Extra coax connectors and adapters

___ Logging computer with power cord

Personal Items Power

___ Work gloves ___ Heavy duty 12v battery or power supply with power cords for radio

___ Sleeping bag, pillow, security blanket and/or teddy ___ Power strips (at least two, surge protected recommended)

___ Complete change of clothes and toilet articles ___ Extension cords (14-3 or heavier recommended)

___ Sweater/jacket, rain gear & boots

___ First Aid Kit, sun screen & prescriptions

___ Insect Repellent

___ Sunglasses and Hat

___ Club name tag and jacket

___ Watch, pen, flashlight and extra batteries

___ Small cooler with ice to keep in station tent

___ Snacks for late night

Tools Tools (cont)

___ Safety Glasses ___ Duct Tape

___ Cable Ties ___ Field Day Rules packet

___ Wrenches/sockets ___ Section List

___ Pliers/wire cutters/strippers ___ Optional Fire Extinguisher

___ Utility Knife ___ Tool Box with soldering iron and VOM

___ Hammer/sledge ___ Copy of your amateur radio license

___ Electrical Tape ___ Notebook (make notes how t do better next year)

___ Measuring Tape ___Trash can/box/bag