Welcome to the Two Rivers Amateur Radio Club Hamfest / Computer Web Page. Our hamfest held on April 3, 2022 at the McKeesport Palisades and Event Center-McKeesport PA, has ended. A huge thank you to all of our club members who worked the hamfest, our exhibitors, and those who attended. Below is a listing of the main prize winners. There were nine main prize winners, and 24 door prize winners.

Another huge thank you to the manufacturers and distributors who supplied some of our main prize and door prizes. They were:
Alpha Antennas, American Radio Relay League, Comet Antennas, Bienno Batterys, Butlers Golf Course,
DX Engineering, Ham Radio Deluxe, Isotron Antennas, Main Trading Company, Mastrant Guying Systems, MFJ/Vectronics, MPD Digital, N3FJP Contest & Contact Software, Powerfiilm Solar, Quicksilver Radio,
RT Systems, West Mountain Radio, Radioddity, The Wireman, and Art Mueller WA3BKD.

Main Prize Winners: Listed in order 1 through 9

Icom IC7300 (TRARC)-- Ron Naviglia WA3HOL
HP 14" Laptop (TRARC)-- Richard Spieck N3JLR
Powerfilm Solar Panel Array--Carmen Acierno W8CJA
Butlers Golf Course Round of Golf for 4 w Carts --Andy Juchnowski AB8MO
Samlex SE-1235M Power Supply--Jim Tapocik AB3JT
Bioenno 12AH Battery & Charger--Ken Gessnre WA3URB
Alinco DJ-MD5XT Dual Band DMR HT (TRARC)--Pat Dougherty AB3IK
DX Engineering Gift Certificate--Chuck Gessner W3ON
Nano VNA Antenna Analyzer w Book (TRARC)--Jim Dunkerson KI8KU

Mobile Checkin: WA3BKD J Pole Antenna -- Jim Tapocik AB3JT

Youngest Licensed Ham In Attendance -- Radioddity GA-510 Dual Band HT--Matt Dehnoo KB3MKM

Door Prize Winners: Listed in the order drawn
MFJ Clock, SMA Male HT Antenna--John Seiler K3MI
RT Systems Gift Certificate--Richard McPeak KA8OAT
Ham Radio Deluxe Software Package--Richard Newould K3RWN
MFJ Clock, SMA Female Antenna--Helen Count Wayt KA3UKF
Vectronics AM Transmitter--Justin Fowler KB3NZU
ARRL Gift Certificate--John Rosenwald NM3P
Mastrant Guying Systems Gift Certificate--Diane Kevish N3WJN
N3FJP Software Package--Moe Morris KC3KMZ
Main Trading Company Gift Certificate--Biran Wolfe N3TBW
West Mountain Radio Gift Certificate--Bill Hastings KB3TBT
ARRL Gift Certificate--Ron Ramsey KC3AED
Comet Antenna SMA HT Antenna--John Brush WA3CAS
Alpha Antenna Gift Certificate--Pat Dougherty AB3IK
MFJ Lightning Surge Protector & BNC Telescope Antenna--Monty Meier N8VD
Main Trading Company Gift Certificate--John Jennings KC3MMF
MPD Digital Coax Kit inc LMR400, RG8X, RG58--Jeff Kephart N3GLV
ARRL Gift Certificate-Merle Shotwell K3HIR
The Wireman Gift Certificate--Doug Shepard WA8FDY
Isotron 20m Antenna--Art Mueller WA3BKD
Quicksilver Radio Volt Meter, etc--Ray Colbert K3HSE
MPD Digital Coax Kit inc LMR400, RG8X, RG58--Steven Ruman KC8YDS
ARRL Gift Certificate--Seth Barczy