The Two Rivers ARC Amateur Radio Exam Team conducts exam sessions four (4) times a year at the Blaine Bill VFD Social Hall, 609 Oxford Ave, Elizabeth PA.

The TRARC Volunteer Examiner Team offers exams to those wanting to obtain a new license, or to upgrade there current license. We offer testing for the Technician, General, and Extra Class' amateur radio licenses offered by the Federal Communications Commission. All examiners are accredited by the 'ARRL-VEC'. Exams are conducted at the Blaine Hill VFD Social Hall, 409 Oxford Ave, Elizabeth PA. Occasionally there is an exam session held at the TRARC Hamfest/Computer Show, held in the Spring. Walkin candidates are encouraged for all sessions, up to the maximum size of the exam room. If you wish to take an exam at any of our sessions please contact the VE Exam Coordinator by phone or email before hand at: 412 751 9657, or email to: 'veteam@trarc.net".

2021 Testing Schedule

September 14, 2021, -- December 14, 2021
Blaine Hill VFD Social Hall 409 Oxford Ave, Elizabeth PA
Examinations start promptly at 6:30 PM (unless instructed otherwise)

Please follow all Exam Testing Session Instructions as found on the ARRL web site 'What To Bring To An Exam
Session' web page:

2021 Fees: Check made out in the amount of $15 payable to "TWO RIVERS AMATEUR RADIO CLUB".
Note: There has been an announcement from the F.C.C., passed by the U.S. Congress, to collect a proposed $35 processing fees for all F.C.C. amateur applications starting some time in 2022. More info TBA.

Results of the September 14, 2021 Exam Session
William L Powers N3GHT (E), Antonio Cerri WA3AHC (G), Hugo Cerri (G) KC3PDA, David Reynolds (G) KC3SUA, Joseph M Donoghue (T) KC3STZ, and Mitchell Geary (T) KC3STY. Congratulations to all.

Row 1:
Left: Bill Powers N3GHT, Hugo Cerri KC3PDA, David Reynolds, Mitchell Gary.
Right: Joseph M Donoghue, Antonio Cerri WA3AHC
Row 2:
Left: Joseph Donoghue, Antonio Cerri WA3AHC
Right: Examiners-Curt McCormick WU3U, Chuck Gessner W3ON, Del Peterson W3DTP, Roger Johnson WI3R
Row 3:
Left: Examiners--Del Peterson W3DTP, Roger Johnson WI3R
Right: Curt McCormick WU3U, Chuck Gessner W3ON
Row 4:
Left: Mitchell Geary (waitng for his CSCE)
Right: David Reynolds (with his CSCE)
Row 5:
Left: Joseph McDonoghue (with his CSCE), and Mike KV3L Exam Coordinator
Right: Hugo Cerri KC3PDA, and Antonio Cerri WA3AHC (with their CSCE's)