The Two Rivers ARC Amateur Radio Exam Team conducts exam sessions four (4) times a year, in March-June-September-December, at the McKeesport Area High School, 1960 Eden Park Blvd, McKeesport PA 15132. and at the TRARC Hamfest held in early to mid-April. 

The TRARC Volunteer Examiner Team offers exams to those wanting to obtain a new license, or to upgrade their current license.  We offer testing for the Technician, General, and Extra Class amateur radio licenses offered by the Federal Communications Commission.  All examiners are accredited by the 'ARRL-VEC'.  If you wish to take an exam at any of our sessions please contact the VE Exam Coordinator by phone or email  at: 412 980-7881, or email to: kv3l@arrl.net

2024 Testing Schedule

March 12, April 7 (At TRARC Hamfest), June 11, September 10, and December 10, 2024.
Exams are held at the McKeesport Area High School, 1960 Eden Park Blvd, McKeesport PA 1513
starting at 630 pm. Walk-ins are accepted although preregistration is preferred.

Please follow all Exam Testing Session Instructions as found on the ARRL web site 'What To Bring To An Exam
Session' web page:

2024 Fees: Check made out in the amount of $15 payable to "TWO RIVERS AMATEUR RADIO CLUB".
Note: There has been an announcement from the F.C.C., passed by the U.S. Congress, to collect a proposed $35  processing fees for all F.C.C. amateur applications starting on April 19, 2022. This has been further clarified on March 31, 2022  by the F.C.C. See below for more information..

New FCC Application Fee Will Not Apply To Amateur Radio License Upgrades

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) staff has clarified in response to an ARRL request that the new $35 application fee will not apply to most license modifications, including those to upgrade a licensee’s operator class and changes to club station trustees. The FCC staff explained that the new fees will apply only to applications for a new license, renewal, rule waiver, or a new vanity call sign. As previously announced, the new fees take effect on April 19, 2022.